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Lewis Mosburg's broad experience makes him widely sought after as an expert witness on industry custom and practice in the oil and gas industry and oil and gas financing and investment, as well as the entire area of tax-sheltered investment. 

Mosburg has been retained to testify on industry custom and practice involving such topics as:

  • Farmout Agreements
  • Joint Operating Agreements, including the AAPL Model Form Operating Agreement, Federal Exploratory Units and AIPN and other International Operating Agreements
  • Gas Marketing and Regulation, including Gas Purchase and Sale Agreements and FERC issues
  • Gas Imbalance and Gas Balancing, including Gas Balancing Agreements
  • Areas of Mutual Interest (AMI)
  • Mineral Rights and Title Issues, including Purchase and Sale of Producing Properties
  • Oil and Gas Leases
  • Petroleum Land Practices
  • Oil and Gas Investment
  • Tax-Sheltered Investment, including Marketing and Tax Considerations
  • Securities Law Considerations, including preparation of registration statements and private placement memoranda and adequacy of disclosure, due diligence and underwriter and investment banking practices
  • Securities Fraud, Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes

Mr. Mosburg's expertise covers the entire United States, Canada and International, including Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Colorado, Louisiana, Rocky Mountains, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, Michigan, West Virginia, and Kansas.

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