The University of Tulsa's Division of Continuing Education offers numerous seminars at various locations throughout the United States and Canada, including seminars lead by Lewis Mosburg, Norman Hyne, John Farina, George Bole, John Gustavson and Ed Moritz. These seminars are offered both on a "public" basis, and through "in-house" presentations tailored to the needs of a particular organization.

Here is the 2010 seminar information for Lewis' public seminars plus other seminars of interest:

For further information, or for information about other seminars presented by the University of Tulsa on oil and gas topics, please contact Nancy Felts, University of Tulsa, CESE, 600 South College Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74104-3189; call (918) 631-3088, fax (918) 631-2154, or email  Or visit The University of Tulsa's CESE website at

 The University offers many additional courses, public and "in-house",  in various areas of Continuing Education, including Continuing Education for the Oil & Gas Industry.

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