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For those of you who haven't met me at one of Lewis' seminars, or in earlier issues of this Newsletter, I'm Ogden, Lewis' Invisible English Sheep Dog. You can "see" what I look like at the top of this page and I'll bark for you given the right software if you'll click on that image. 

You know, not that many English Sheep Dogs, not to mention Invisible English Sheep Dogs, get to write a "hi there" for something like this Newsletter.  (Of course, since there isn't anything else like this Newsletter on the Internet, that's understandable.)   My job is to tell you what the Newsletter is about, what's new, and how to use its features, including accessing the over 200 articles "printed" in the Newsletter since its inception, plus finding out which articles will be of use to you by using our proprietary Search Engine.

What is the Newsletter all about?  It's a source of information about various aspects of the Oil & Gas Industry and Venture Capital Formation, including:

    • Oil & Gas Investment
    • Petroleum Land Practices
    • Oil & Gas Taxation and Accounting
    • International Operations
    • Regulatory and Environmental Matters
    • Venture Capital Formation and Special Reports.

Here is how the Newsletter works:

    • Start at the "Home Page," which gives access points to our three major sections:  New Articles, previous Articles ("Archives"), and News. 
      • New articles will be accessed from the menu at the center of the Home Page.
      • On the right side of the Home Page, you'll also find our News Service and Site of the Week, coordinated by the Newsletter's Managing Editor, Keith Essenburg. These features include several news articles on recent developments in the oil and gas industry, statistics on rig counts and oil and natural gas prices, plus a website from some industry source that we believe you might want to visit. This material is updated twice a month.
      • (If you're wondering what happened to our Canadian rig count information, the data source we'd been depending on no longer publicly makes available that information. Let us know of any alternate sites.)
      • (By the way, the Menu Bar on the left side of the Home Page has a button labeled "Oil & Gas Links" that lists the names and website addresses of all our prior "Sites of the Week.")
      • On the left side of the Home Page, you'll see a Menu Bar which will permit access to the Newsletter's "Archives:" all articles previously printed in the Newsletter, plus past parts of "serialized" articles and ongoing "Primers." Our "search" features are also accessed from this left menu.
      • About the Search Engine
        • A simple way of "searching" for articles of interest is to click on the "Archive" buttons on the left side of the Home Page. Each major topic covered by the Newsletter has its own button; clicking on that button will give you a list of every article published in the Newsletter on that topic.  (Clicking on the article name will take you to the article.)
        • (Remember that the 16 latest articles will be listed in the center of the Home Page, not in the Archives listings.)
        • If you need more detailed search help, there is already a "Search" button on the left side of the Home Page (it's at the bottom of that left side menu of buttons)..
        • You'll also find two more "Search" functions:
          • An "Author" database:  a dropdown menu listing all our authors since the beginning of publication of the Newsletter.  Click on an Author, start the search, and you'll get a list of all articles by that author, hotlinked to the article itself.
          • A "Keyword" database:  type in your key word or words and we'll see what articles might apply.
        • At first, the Keyword database will be limited to articles not covered by the Cumulative Index (i.e., printed subsequent to the July/August, 1998 issue).  That means that for other than an "Author" search, you need to look in two places to find all articles applying to a given topic, unless the topic buttons on the left menu meet your needs.  However, Lewis is now adding key words to older articles, so that, as of each update, more and more articles will appear in the new "Keyword" data base. (Lewis says he'll be through in just a little bit.  Lewis also said the Search Engine would be done in December.)

Gosh!  A new look, news and sites of the week, a special search engine and hundreds of articles, all free.

There are a number of other articles available to you in the "Recent Articles" section. (Not to mention that everything that has ever appeared in this Newsletter is available to you through the "Archives" at the left side of the Home Page. (And don't forget the "Search" capabilities I talked about above!)

  "Just for Fun" continues to reproduce two special pictures, "The Oil & Gas Vision of St. Hildegard of Bingen," painted by Dr. Gregory F. Schroeder of St. Cloud, Minnesota; and a look at four generations of "Mosburgs," starting with Lewis' father as pictured in the Panorama of Petroleum mural, originally displayed at the Smithsonian, and now on permanent exhibit at the Tulsa International Airport, together with Lewis, his sons Gene, John and Jeff, and John's son (Lewis' grandson) Leon Henry. (You'll see thumbnails of both of these picture below: click on the thumbnails for larger views.)

Bingen 150x100
4 Generations small

Would you like to know when new material is "up and running" in the Newsletter?  (We normally update every two weeks or so.) Just click this " Register" button and Bob Sorenson, our kindly Internet guru, will send you automatic notification by e-mail.  (You could say "hi" to me while you're at it.)  Registration for Newsletter update notification is free and does not require you to subscribe to the "Premium Service."

I have my own e-mail address, so if you'd like to visit with me (and I'd like that!), just e-mail me at I'd really like to hear your thoughts and suggestions concerning the "new" Newsletter.  And if you come to one of Lewis' seminars, don't forget to "look" for me. (In the meantime, Send Jelly Bellies!)


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